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Why do magnets break?

You might have experienced your magnets getting damaged by a hard impact or received a magnet that was missing a piece.

Conclusion: Our magnets break because they are so strong.

A power magnet cannot withstand colliding with another power magnet; they will break. Our neodymium magnets are of high quality, so it's rarely due to a manufacturing defect. We will explain this in more detail below.

What causes a magnet to break?

Two magnets colliding: Fundamentally, both magnets have a north and south pole. Here, both magnets are surrounded by a magnetic field and can exert force within this field. When one magnet gets close to the other, the two magnetic fields begin to interact. This is where things go wrong when both magnets start to exert their force. The result is that the magnets collide and parts of them can break.

The magnet is dropped: If you drop a magnet on the floor or your package with magnets has been dropped a few times, you might also experience the magnet breaking. This is because magnets cannot withstand hard impacts or blows – much like many other things.

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